Fine Arts

At Show Low Junior High, we believe that the fine and performing arts are important parts of the curriculum. Even if our students don’t go on to become professional artists, musicians, or actors, we’re confident that their exposure to the arts under our care opens their minds to the beauty our world has to offer—something that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Fine Arts Courses

Students may select from a variety of fine and performing arts courses, including:


Many of our electives require tools and materials that students cannot reuse class-to-class or year-to-year. Please plan for each of the following consumable fees:

  • Arts & Crafts Supplies $15/quarter

  • Band/Choir Materials $15/year

  • Band Instrument Rental* $10/month or $40/semester

  • Drama Supplies* $10/semester

*You may apply these fees towards your ECA tax credit donation.

a group of students smiling over a rack of tie-dyed shirts